Local Industrial complex

Ga San digital complex


Ga San digital complex area is near by old Ga Ri Bong station place which was smaller manufacture complex place, they have digital TV, camera phone module, Robert, mobile content company and IT technology(IT) and Bio that place have lots of excellent venture company are nest in that town.

Especially coming 2007years LG Electron Company absorbed 300 people which were near by Ga San digital complex for 5 minutes and if they finished 20floor of general research complex building, this Ga San digital complex area will be center of the most important IT venture cluster.In side of complex, research development (R&D) of information change and expect venture company¡¯s network will be more activated

Gu Ro Digital complex


In 2000years December of 14day, they keep the name about 36years ¡°Old Gu Ro Gong Dan,¡± change with Seoul Digital industrial Complex which was made fiber and needle work of labor intensive for manufacture¡¯s Mecca of Han Gang river miracle.

Invented new venture and IT new industry was based classic manufacture with harmony, which was developed and open new area of industrial cluster that was good example, now 2000 of industry company was moved in and number of 45000 labors are working in the production area.

Ahn Yang industrial complex


Of industrial cynicism material, healthy develop, member of association each other of compound interest increase, through the cooperative company, promised member of association of economic activity, economic position elevation, improvement of circulation formation, protect customer and develop our nation people¡¯s economic that¡¯s why Ahn Yang circulation complex was made.

Except of Gyung Gi Do, Ahn Yang city, Dong Ahn Gu, Ho Gae Dong 555-9 other 14 inevitable, Smaller cooperative business company of form a part, Seoul-Gyung Gi industry middle machine part store of cooperative was built in Ahn Yang international circulation complex of business, material professional store with Zi Won Dong and Shopping Dong and every kind of shopping were built, culture and physical exercise have perfectly prepare for center of human and center of environment that was high technology in 21 century of grand size of compound circulation complex. .